{Old painting of the English Bulldog}

The bulldog is first mentioned in literature, in the year 1500.
The bulldog was kept for the bullbaiting, the bearbaiting, and the dogbaiting.



{Drawing of the bullbaiting}
This "sport" took by storm the fancy of the public, and soon most market towns in Britain had their "Bull Ring". The bulldog became less popular, when the Humane Act of 1835 abolished the baiting of bulls in public.
{Drawing from the bulldog in dogbaiting}

In first original bulldogclub was started in 1864.
This club published the first standard for the English bulldog, the "Philo Kuon Standard" in 1865.
The original bulldog club survived olny tree years.
In 1875 a new club started with the name: "The Bulldog Club Incorporated"

The bulldog as whe know him now is verry different from the bulldog in the older days. The bulldog now has a great character, he is very kind to people, and he is kind-hearted to childeren. He is watchful, self-willed, loyal, reliable, and brave.


{Old Drawing from the bulldog in those days}
Also his appearence has chanced in the history. The general appearance of the bulldog is that of a smooth-coated dog, rather low in stature, but broad, powerfull, and compact. The head strikingly massive and broad in propotion to the dog's size. The face extremely short, and the skull should be very large.
{The appearence of the bulldog}

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