First of all, welcome on the "From Calibra's Pride" website.
We are a small kennel breeding British bulldogs since 1996.
We only have 7 bulldogs and we want to keep our kennel small because we don't like to have dogs permanent outside.
All our dogs are living in our house with the family.
The whole family have always been dog- and animallovers.
In 1996 we got our first bulldog "Ashley", and in a no time she stole the haerts of the complete family.
It was because of her brilliant character, that we loved her so much.
The bulldog is just a dog with a very good-natured character.
He is watchful, brash, self-willed, loyal, reliable, brave, and is very kind to children.
And then of cause his great appearance, the powerful body and his big head, makes the bulldog a very special kind of dog.
We are a member of the E.B.C.N.

Also we like to go with our dogs to the dogs shows, showing our dogs and meeting other breeders, or bulldoglovers.
When you are considering a bulldog as your pet, you can always contact us for more information about the bulldog.
We hope you have a pleasant time here on our website, and we hope to see you back for more visits.